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The Facility

Twisted Steel Barbell has every piece of equipment you will ever need and much more. From the main gym floor to the outside turf, Twisted Steel has it all. Once you're done with your workout, come inside the office and use our massage chairs and recliners.

We even offer Compression Boots, Red Light, and Cold Plunge therapies! 

A look inside the Gym...

Twisted Steel has about 40 pieces of equipment, including free weights, powerlifting equipment, and machines made for bodybuilding. We also have cardio equipment inside and outside the gym. We plan to start construction for an upstairs renovation within the next month or so!

Equipment and Door
Massage Chairs

Massage Chairs

Our Recovery Lounge has two massage chairs that are included in your standard membership. Feel free to use these chairs at any time of the day.


Lean back and relax with 20 different massage settings and take advantage of our 75-inch TV in the lounge!

A barbell with Kilos on it.

Calibrated IPF Approved Powerlifting Equipment

Twisted Steel Barbell caters to all types of lifters. We have multiple Rogue Power Bars, deadlift bars, and Eleiko Plates for Competition practice! 

Twisted Steel Partnership Opportunities

Twisted Steel is looking for partnerships in the Austin-Kyle area!

Please contact us at

or (512) 605-9936

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