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Meet Cassandra Vargas

-NCSF Certified Personal Trainer

-USAPL National Referee and Powerlifter


Cassandra has been an active powerlifting competitor for over five years training alongside high-ranking lifters. She is also an active referee ensuring the integrity of the USAPL federation. Inspired by fellow lifters and coaches she strives to help others become comfortable in the gym while achieving fitness milestones.


Digital Training



3-4 Workouts a week for a month- Online Only.

Valid until canceled

A customized online plan to meet your goals!

Valid for one month

The Hybrid



Train with Cassandra once in person and once online on a weekly basis!

Valid until canceled

x1 in person session

x1 online session a week

Valid for one month

No Strings Attached



Ten in-person sessions with no commitment necessary!

Valid until canceled

x10 in-person sessions

Each session is 1 hour

Bi-Weekly Commitment



Every month

Commit to three months of training and get diet recommendations!

Valid for 3 months

x2 in-person sessions per week

Each session is one hour

Diet recommendations

Billed Monthly

Tri-Weekly Commitment



Get three in-person sessions a week and diet recommendations

Valid for one month

x3 in-person sessions a week

Each session is one hour long

Diet recommendations

Valid for one month

Maricella's Session Plan



Valid until canceled

One hour sessions

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